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ARCO SPOSA is a luxury couture bridal house focused on rewriting the rules of bridal fashion offering lavish, exclusive handcrafted designs. Each dress draws you deeper into your love story, from beginning to end. The ARCO SPOSA woman we design for is brazen, opulent and effortlessly sexy. She is unapologetically daring and is royalty in her own right.

The ARCO SPOSA debut collection explores romance with eyes wide open.

The narrative is a multi-faceted as love itself and explores the beauty, the scariness, the sexiness, and the vulnerability of what it means to be in love in the 21st century.

'I want to tell a REAL love story with this collection and express something authentic, modern and relatable. So many designers focus on a simplistic interpretation of love: dreamy and naïve. But to me, that doesn't feel honest anymore. Our muses are as complex as they are beautiful'.

In true Hollywood fashion, these designs invite you to look deeper. Nothing is quite what it seems.

about the designer

"While some couturier's link their creative journey to their affluent and royal connections, Daniel Sanchez's story begins in a uniquely American (and Millennial) way.

'Design for me started as an act of rebellion and escapism. Looking back, I wanted to create a world outside of my reality. Escaping into a world of beauty, fantasy, and safety was an act of survival. A magical daydream that only I could create and experience.'

His first encounter with a needle and thread began when his grandmother taught him to sew flower rosettes at age 5. This was the first time he connected the use of a 2-dimensional medium to sculpture and creating beauty.

'Fabric as a medium still fascinates me today. Some artist use oils, others metal, I just happen to use textiles. The beauty isn't in the medium, but on the skillful manipulation of it and the meaning and significance one assigns it.'

His extensive use of rosettes and 3D flowers is a nod to his grandmother and the early exposure she gave him to fashion.

Daniel began his formal fashion education at NYC's prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in the backdrop of 9/11. While the overarching fashion narrative was to be unapologetically patriotic, it was still a scary and angry time. Evening Wear entered a period of sober mourning. 'Truthfully, I wasn't sure if there was room for my vision of fantasy at that point.'

Luckily, a chance encounter with the queen of pop changed all that.

'In 2005 I was partying at the infamous Roxy nightclub. Suddenly, a spotlight shone, and Madonna emerged directly in front of me. She was wearing a shimmery semi-transparent blue dress with matching panties and dripping in diamonds. I was transfixed by the powerful visual. She seemed to glow. It was the first time I saw the magical combination of fashion, styling and lighting used as a medium used to create a narrative: an art performance. It was a very NYC moment and gave me a glimmer to my future. I knew at that moment that I could design to create a shared fantasy. I no longer had to keep it to myself.'

In the years that followed, Daniel honed his skills by designing for multiple couture brands while simultaneously building his couture business. Designing with private clients was his foundation for better understanding what women want and how to connect with them deeper through fashion.

'There is a certain level of intimacy and trust that is required to design for couture clients.

It always begins with a conversation, and I never design prior to meeting a client. Something about that seems inappropriate and ego driven. My passion is to enhance their story and vision. It's a collaboration built on trust.'

What he loves most about couture is how personalized it is. The smallest tweak to a seam or style line can change everything. He would often sew small charms or embroider hidden messages within the seams of the garment. 'Some of those messages could be quite cheeky' he says with a smirk. 'But as with good friends, we don't share our secrets!'

While client confidentiality is the unspoken rule of couture, Daniel's designs are prominently archived in the closets of Manhattan socialites, models, celebrities (and even a royal princess). His gowns have graced the red carpets of the Tony Awards, Golden Globes, The Met Gala and Academy Awards.

Fanfare aside, the designs he most fondly looks back at are those that created a deep connection between his customers and himself.

'The designs I am most proud of represent something much more personal. I'm thinking about the wedding gowns I've created for cancer survivors that have had double mastectomies. Those design processes involved such a high level of trust and intimacy. Tears, hugs, and dreams were shared in those fittings. My client's lives were changed by how they saw themselves in my designs. I feel that I am a better person for having been a part of their healing journey.'

In 2020, a new sobering reality hit fashion and the world - but this time, Daniel knew exactly how he wanted to address it.

'I'm no stranger to escapism for survival' he chuckles.

'Our new reality has forced us to look inward, to think deeply about the type of life we want, what fantasies we want to create and who we want to share them with… authentically. In many ways, it feels like the same script, but a different cast from my entire creative journey.'

He knew that the most relevant narrative to explore was that between love and intimacy in uncertain times.

'Most bridal designers focus on a surface level fairytale fantasy; this collection aims to explore the complexity of romance and intimacy in the 21st century. I'm exploring the beauty, the sexiness, the scariness, and the vulnerability of love. This collection is small but meaningful. Every look tells a story that feels REAL'.

Daniel, who now resides in Los Angeles, also found inspiration in his new home and the art performance that is Tinseltown. A poignant Marilyn Monroe quote became the starting point for this collection, 'Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul. I know, because I turned down the first offer often enough and held out for the fifty cents.'

This collection challenges that sentiment in honor of all the woman who have inspired him. 'I want to go deep. I want to bare my soul. What excites me most about this collection is that it is as multifaceted as the many amazing women I have collaborated with through the years. It's a full circle moment.'

His designs implore the viewer to look deeper. And in true Hollywood fashion, nothing is what it seems.


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